XL6009 DC-DC Step Up Boost Voltage Power Converter Module

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XL6009 DC-DC step up boost voltage power converter module can take an input voltage of between 5 and 32V DC and boost it to output voltage of 5v – 35V DC



XL6009 DC-DC step up boost Voltage Power Converter Module

This XL6009 DC-DC step up boost Module is based on IC XL6009E1 which is a high-performance step-up switching current (BOOST) module. The module uses the second generation of high-frequency switching technology XL6009E1 core chip that offers superior performance over the first generation technology LM2577. XL6009 replaces LM2577 module as LM2577 is about to be phased out.

Features of XL6009 DC-DC step up boost module:

  • Wide input voltage range of 3V – 32V (optimum operating voltage range is 5 – 32V)
  • Wide Output voltage range of 5V – 35V (Adjustable using on board preset)
  • Built in 4A MOSFET switches enables efficiency of up to 94% (LM2577 current is 3A)
  • High switching frequency of 400KHz, can use a small-capacity filter capacitors that can achieve very good results (LM2577 switching frequency is only 50KHz)

Specifications of XL6009 DC-DC step up boost module:

  • Type: Non-Isolated Boost ( BOOST )
  • Rectification: Non-synchronous rectification
  • Input Range: 3V ~ 32V
  • Output Range: 5V ~ 35V
  • Input Current: 4A (maximum), load 18mA ( 5Vinput, 8V output, no-load is less than 18mA . The higher the voltage, the load current increases.)
  • Conversion efficiency:<94% (the greater the current, the lower the efficiency)
  • Switching frequency:400KHz
  • Output ripple:50mV (the higher the voltage, the greater the current, the greater ripple)
  • Load Regulation:± 0.5%
  • Voltage Regulation:± 0.5%
  • Working temperature:-40 ° C ~ +85 ° C
  • Dimensions:43mm * 21mm * 14mm (length * width* height)

Pins of XL6009 DC-DC step up boost module:

  • IN+ input positive
  • IN- input negative
  • OUT+ output positive
  • OUT- output negative

When using XL6009 DC-DC step up boost modules remember that the output current will be a lot less than the input current, (remember – W = VA). For example, if you have a 10V output at 1A from a 5V input, the input current will be around 3.6A. The real-life maximum amount of power you can get out of these things is around 10W.

If Output current is greater than 2.5A (or output power greater than 10W) use with heatsink only.


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